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Ritual Abuse Investigator/Researcher Targeted with Nonlethals by Satanists

In 1995 I discovered the world-wide web while employed as a Court Intervention Social worker at Child Protective Services in San Diego, California, and decided to work undercover on my own time and investigate satanic cults under the pseudonyms “Curio” and “Karen Jones.”

A year earlier I had established the Ritual Abuse Court Cases Project which was dedicated to proving that satanic ritual abuse existed after a cover-up occurred in San Diego County. In spite of this, I continued to address ritual abuse cases and successfully protected these children via the system I was employed by despite the efforts of the Director of CPS to stop all training about this subject. In 1998 I published the results of my research in an archive titled “Satanism and Ritual Abuse Archive” which consisted of appellate documentation and news articles which provided substantial evidence proving that ritual abuse existed. This archive can be found at http://members.cox.net/dnap/srarchive.pdf

After the year 2001-02 I disappeared from the internet. I have now returned and I am going to report about why I ceased writing, what happened to the Ritual Abuse Court Cases Project, and I will describe how I was targeted by a group of satanists, and those organizations which seek to protect them, in retaliation as a result of my political activism on behalf of children. I have provided extensive documentation on this web site in efforts to prove to the public how and why I was targeted with invasive and covert nonlethal technology which was intended to permanently silence me. Please do me the courtesy of reading all of the supporting documentation before coming to an opinion about my case. I conclude this article with a notification about a Federal lawsuit I filed on March 25, 2008 in efforts to hold my alleged perpetrators accountable for their actions against me. In addition I provide an update about the serious irregularities I discovered in  a pivotal research study “Characteristics and Sources of Allegations of Ritualistic Child Abuse.”

In 1995 Dale McCulley, a film documentarian and researcher, had provided me with Appellate documentation about an infamous ritual abuse case that had occurred in the late 1980’s at the Presidio Army Daycare in San Francisco, California involving then Lt. Col. Michael Aquino, High Priest of the satanic cult the Temple of Set. Dale McCulley had inside knowledge about this multi-jurisdictional investigation having spoken to the Criminal Investigative Division officers assigned, and due to the fact several outraged parents had provided him with copies of internal CID interview tapes which documented the statements made by their children about their forced participation in cannibalism and the murder of children. I reviewed all of this information and I am presently in receipt of one of these tapes which was given to me by Mr. McCulley before he died a few months ago.

Lt. Col. Aquino had been formally “Titled” (which means probable cause to believe the offense have been committed) under a CID Report of Investigation [ROI] for indecent acts with a child, sodomy, conspiracy, kidnapping, and false swearing and was processed out of the military in 1990. Although both Michael Aquino and his wife Lilith had been investigated for ritual child abuse they were never criminally charged. Based on my investigation, I believe Michael Aquino should have been court-martialed but because the allegations were so horrific it appears the Army chose a cover-up instead in order to avoid a scandal. As an ex-child abuse investigator I believe this indicates a dereliction of duty of such magnitude it is almost incomprehensible.

The Presidio case was considered important among serious researchers because Michael Aquino was the High Priest of the second largest open satanic organization in the world who had been objectively consequented after a ritual abuse investigation. Michael Aquino was on the internet during this time-period and engaged me in debate about his case. The circumstances surrounding Aquino’s discharge from service became a continual source of dispute because he stated that although he had been “illegally” demoted to part-time active duty status after this investigation, he had continued in his assignments after 1990. However, this story-line was contrary to documentation which indicated otherwise.

In September 2006 I submitted a FOIA request to the St. Louis, Missouri Army Personnel Center requesting information about Aquino’s military assignments and dates of service. On December 1, 2006 I received a response from the Army Personnel center which revealed that Aquino’s dates of service and assignments were listed as June 14, 1968 to August 31, 1990. The last notation on his record of assignment was REFRAD (Released from Active Duty) dated June 1990 which became effective on August 31, 1990. This information proves that Aquino had been confabulating information to various parties, including the media, about his military career for years in obvious efforts to make it appear that the ritual abuse allegations about him had no merit. This FOIA request is available on this web site.

In 1997 Michael Aquino filed two lawsuits in San Francisco against my internet provider Electriciti – a case which made headlines – in attempts to force them to cancel my account and reveal my identity to him. During that time Aquino routinely misrepresented what had occurred on the internet to newspaper reporters in attempts to make himself appear a victim. Satanists enjoy reversing reality and the more people they can fool the more powerful they feel. However, after reviewing my public messages, my internet provider refused to disclose my identity or even investigate who I might be because he believed that Aquino was dangerous and that I needed protection. These lawsuits were ultimately dismissed due to the CDA precluding internet companies from liability due to their customers messages. It was evident during that time-period that Aquino was developing an obsession with me because he kept following me to different forums.

In 1998 I published several web pages about 1) Michael Aquino’s ongoing attempts to violate my First Amendment rights and information about the ritual abuse cases he was questioned about, 2) Facts about ex-San Diego Grand Juror Carol Hopkins’ attempts to undermine ritual abuse in San Diego County; her recommendation to withdraw the SRA protocol at CPS; reporter Mark Sauer of the San Diego Union-Tribune’s participation in these events; and I discussed the 1992-93 San Diego Grand Jury report which corrected the misrepresentations in Hopkins’ 1991-92 Grand Jury report 3) Dr. Elizabeth Loftus’ deposition involving what is referred to as the “Wenatchee Sex Ring” in which she undermined a child’s therapist for little reason, and 4) I established a web page about the Federal prosecution of Judith Peterson et al., (Case No. H97 237) in favor of the defense which was in opposition to the False Memory Syndrome Foundation’s [FMSF] web page coverage of this case in favor of the prosecution.

In this Federal case the government had charged a hospital staff with “mail fraud” because they diagnosed the psychological disorder Multiple Personality Disorder, now called Dissociative Identity Disorder, in several patients within the context of satanic ritual abuse and mailed the insurance bills via the postal system. If this case had succeeded it would have resulted in a travesty. A dangerous national precedent would have been set which would have endangered all treating mental health professionals who treated dissociated cult victims because any attempt to send insurance bills through the mail with the diagnosis of MPD/DID could have resulted in a criminal accusation of “mail fraud.” I was deeply troubled about this case because as various governmental systems had been accused of funding projects dedicated to the intentional creation of multiplicity, using Satanism as a trauma base, the fact that the federal government filed this type of case against therapist appeared to be an orchestrated attempt to shut the topic down. Fortunately, this case was dismissed due to jury misconduct and the charges were never refiled.

In 2000 I obtained my Marriage and Family therapy [MFT] license and there were further efforts made to discover my identity by the above named parties. A satanic cult “retractor,” Michelle Devereaux, eventually approached me and claimed that “dangerous” individuals were seeking my identity and she was concerned about my safety. A “sting” was then orchestrated by satanist Devereaux, and unknown others, at which time Devereaux filed a false police report at the San Francisco Police Department – which I discovered in 2007 – so that San Diego State University [SDSU] would identify me for her. For unknown reasons SDSU then released my name to San Diego Union-Tribune reporter Mark Sauer even though I told them dangerous people were seeking my identity. Mark Sauer proceeded to write an invasive and defamatory news article in the San Diego Union-Tribune titled, “The Web of Intrigue, the Search for Curio Leads Cybersleuths Down a Twisted Path,” which consisted of false allegations made by Hopkins, Loftus, Devereaux, and Aquino. There were numerous efforts made in this article to make it appear that I was writing “libelous” messages when in fact these people were making libelous allegations about me in efforts to ruin my reputation, in retaliation, due to my investigation which had exposed them. Although Devereaux’s actions were described by Mark Sauer as “cybersleuthing,” her overall behavior actually met the criteria for a criminal stalking complaint.

In early 2001 I filed a legal claim against San Diego State University for Invasion of privacy, however, in May of 2001, eight months after I was publicly identified, I was brutally assaulted with what is referred to as “nonlethal” technology – although I did not understand what was happening at the time – in attempts to psychologically incapacitate me. Because of the brutality of the assaults, I could not file a lawsuit within the one year statute of limitations against the above named parties which appears to have been the intent. It is apparent that it was not believed that I would ever psychologically recover enough to make my plight known. However I did.

The term “nonlethals” encompasses military remote assault weapons that were initially intended to psychologically and physically incapacitate a target without actually killing them, hence the term “nonlethal.” However, there has been recent publicity that warn that these weapons can be misused to torture and murder which is apparently not what they were originally intended. It is shocking and it is horrible. I have discovered that assaulting others with nonlethals is the latest technique used worldwide to silence political dissidents, the technology is for sale, and there are many people claiming to be victims. See http://mindjustice.org

In May 2001, despite the fact that I had previously been a high-functioning social worker in my local community with no criminal record, I began hearing unexplained “voices” and was eventually charged with a criminal offense which was a circumstance that my perpetrators were entirely responsible for. If this could happen to me it could happen to anyone.

In 2007 I discovered how “voices” could be induced in a target from a remote location via “Voice to Skull Devices” [V2K] which is defined on the website for the Federation of Scientists http://www.fas.org/sgp/othergov/dod/vts.html This definition of V2K describes the ability to send “voices” to a selected target using microwaves as a carrier. I have extensively researched this subject and discovered that the evidence and the history documenting the ability to induce “sound” and eventually “voices” into the mind of a target via microwaves is quite substantial. According to the U.S Patent web site several patents have been issued proving “microwave hearing” capability including Patent No. 4, 877, 027 which was issued to Wayne B. Bruncan.

It is also possible for remote two-way satellite communication to occur via computer, including subliminally, by what is termed “Computer/brain interface.”  According to the U.S Patent office web site http://patft.uspto.gov  1) Patent No. 3,951,134, titled “Apparatus and Method for Remotely Monitoring and Altering Brain waves,” dated April 20, 1976, was issued to Robert G. Malech which describes this capability 2) Patent No.  6,011,991, dated January 4, 2000, titled “Communication System and Method Including Brain Wave Analysis and/or use of Brain Activity” describes two-way communcation being able to occur via satellite but in this instance the intermediary is a physical sensor.

The military refers to the ability to send “voices” to a selected target as auditory perception but the mental health community refers to hearing “voices” as a symptom of psychosis or ”auditory hallucinations.” Because of this lapse, if one is a victim of psychologically assaultive military technology, and the symptom of “hearing voices” is reported to a mental health practitioner, it will most likely result in a misdiagnosis of mental illness, therefore, the clients true identification as a victim will remain disguised. This is a scandal. It is clear that victimization on this level has continued to be successful only because the Diagnostic Statistical Manual [DSM] for mental health practitioners does not include “Voice to Skull” capability in any section of the differential diagnosis regarding the etiology of hearing “voices.” That is a grave oversight or perhaps it is purposeful. Whatever the reason this circumstance needs to change and I am hoping that the crimes committed against me will provide the impetus. In my particular case, as of 2001, I was psychologically disabled but I was never mentally ill as the DSM currently defines “mental illness.” That is a very fine distinction which perhaps needs some explanation.

At one point in my assault I tended to repeat what I was told by my perpetrators and that was very unwise because they only wanted to frighten and to discredit me. At that time I was desperate to make my suffering known to the public and so made statements that I could not support in attempts to describe the unbelievable events which were occurring. As it turns out most of the illegal activities which I was subjected to can be explained by the existence of the invasive nonlethal technology which I have documented. I still experience routine efforts by my perpetrators to hinder my thinking process and concentration but it can be overcome by personal effort.

The reason why what is referred to as synthetic telepathy was included within the arsenal of nonlethal weaponry is because hearing voices in one’s head incapacitates a target “without actually killing them.” In fact hearing “voices” is tormenting. A recent declassified military report was described in a wired.com news story titled, “Report: Nonlethal Weapons Could Target Brain, Mimic Schizophrenia” at http://blog.wired.com/defense/2008/02/report-nonletha.html  which explains how V2K can simulate “mental illness” or “schizophrenia.”

In 2007 I discovered the existence of nonlethal terminology called “Voice Synthesis Devices” which is defined on the Center for Army Lessons learned web site http://call.army.mil/thesaurus/toc.asp?id=32228§ion=v   It is clearly written in this definition that the Army has the present capability of cloning “voices” and sending them to a target via satellite. That means that any nonlethal operator can pretend to be “God,” “ET’s,” a dead relative, or “Hollywood figures,” as was true in my case.

In the year 2002 nonlethals such as Voice to Skull Devices and Voice Synthesis Devices were used in my assault so that my alleged perpetrators could pretend to be many people, including past associates of mine, and eventually Hollywood figures such as Steven Spielberg and Jennifer Hewitt. In all of these misidentifications I attempted to reality test and I did so in this case as well. However, my perpetrators paired these particular “identities” behaviors with severe pain in efforts to make me “act out.” I am alleging that the reason why Michael Aquino chose to pretend that Steven Spielberg was involved is because he appears to be one of Aquino’s favorite directors which this link and the stories contained within it prove http://www.xeper.org/maquino/index.html

In October 2002 I wrote a pseudo-threat to Jennifer Hewitt in efforts to place myself in police protection after my perpetrators threatened to irrevocably injure me with nonlethals. I wrote that pseudo-threat on purpose  believing that the high-profile nature of the case would protect me and that fact is provable. I had no interest in “Hollywood figures” before this time-period, nor do I now, because the reality I operate in is so serious I do not have time for frivolous pursuits. Because I have been a student of Buddhism and other positive belief systems for many years, and have taken precepts about non-violence quite  seriously, for me to write a threat, even a pseudo-threat, to a perfect stranger indicated that I was in deep distress. Because of these malicious actions by my alleged perpetrators, I spent a year in jail, months in a hospital, and lost my reputation and career, which was their intent. After plea-bargaining to a “stalking” offense, I was prohibited from using the internet and my MFT license was revoked.

It is truly unfortunate  that Mr. Spielberg and Ms. Hewitt were involved in this situation. However, I believe in transforming negative experience into positive action if at all possible for the good of the group. The inhumane technology that I am bringing to the public’s attention is much more important than any one person singly. Because these two people were personally affected by the usage of this technology, perhaps Mr. Spielberg or Ms. Hewitt might become inspired at some point in their careers to research nonlethal capabilities, the truth about this case, and use these events as an opportunity to initiate Congressional hearings about this subject in efforts to have this technology banned.

While I was incarcerated, and later prohibited from using the internet, I could not correct the numerous media misrepresentations about my case which included allegations that I had “stalked” Steven Spielberg, accused him of “being a satanist,” and several other serious claims which were patently untrue. These false allegations hurt me. Some of these remarks were sourced to Steven Spielberg and, I’m sorry to say, his less than honest security advisor Kevin Berman who exaggerated and distorted my conduct on purpose in efforts to make me sound as bizarre as possible so that they could more easily obtain a restraining order to prevent me from attending a public event. At that time I spoke to Kevin Berman and requested that both he and Mr. Spielberg retract some of these allegations but he never responded. That meant that the media continued to repeat these false allegations.

Legal Notice: Any media outlet that reports that I “stalked” Steven Spielberg is making a libelous and defamatory statement. I was never arrested, charged or convicted for that offense. To date, the media has been very responsive and have taken down any web page that printed this false allegation.

In March 2007 I was allowed access to the internet/intranet via a third party and updated my Satanism and Ritual Abuse archive with several new cases. I made this a priority because I was told that I was targeted, in part, because I was proving the existence of the satanic ritual abuse of children. At that time I discovered that Michelle Devereaux – who had at one time been responsible for having my web pages taken down – had posted my ritual abuse research to her web page at tmdarchives.org in obvious efforts to make it appear that my research was her own. She is currently on the internet under the name Shadowraith and is pretending to be an expert in crime. She is also referred to on a law enforcement web site – officer.com – as a security “expert” under one of her pseudonyms cyber4n6. Needless to say, I believe that based on the extensive information I have about her that Ms. Devereaux is an infiltrator who is working on behalf of a satanic cult and other nefarious individuals. 

In March 2008 I was allowed full internet privileges for the first time in 5 years.

On March 25, 2008 I filed a Federal lawsuit: Case No. 08-CV557-WQHNLS, Diana Napolis v. Michael Aquino, Michelle Devereaux, Tanya Lysenko, aka Tani Jantsang, Carol Hopkins, Dr. Elizabeth Loftus, Mark Sauer, David Copley, San Diego Union-Tribune, a business entity, San Diego State University, alleging Negligence, Defamation, Violation of Right to Privacy, False Light, Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress, Conspiracy to Violate Plaintiff’s Right to Privacy and First Amendment Right to Free speech, and Conspiracy. On May 1, 2008 I filed an amended complaint and added new information. Temple of Set members Lilith Aquino, Robert Menschel – apparently Michael Aquino’s best friend – and his wife Janet Menschel, a purported Choctaw Indian, may be added soon.

Throughout the body of the complaint, and within the cause of action describing invasion of privacy, I  have alleged that since I was identified I have been tortured and terrorized with nonlethal technology by Michael Aquino, his wife Lilith Aquino, and others, including at present.

I have discovered that there are many victims world-wide who are complaining of assaults that are quite unbelievable at first glance but there might be an explanation for these experiences. After investigating this subject, I believe that the latest high-tech military remote assault weapons that are being used against targets to access and physically injure them is a combination of computer/brain interface and Virtual Reality Telepresence. The following web site is the only source that I have been able to discover that approaches this subject. http://artificialtelepathy.blogspot.com/2007/02/human-effects-testing-and-body.html If one reads pages 161-163 of my complaint I believe it will be clear that this provides one explanation about how I and others are being assaulted. If  anyone has knowledge about Virtual Reality Telepresence, please contact me.

In my complaint I have provided an overview of the evidence proving that Michael Aquino had the motive, based on the information I was publiczing about the satanic ritual abuse that occurred at the Presidio Army Base and elsewhere; Aquino had the means, based on his wealth; and the opportunity, based on his military connections, to access this technology, and Aquino has publicly written about this technology’s existence in his military paper, “From Pysops to Mindwar: The Psychology of Victory.” (1980) In addition, in the book, “Painted Black” (1990) by Carl Raschke, Raschke wrote a section about Aquino’s interest in psychotronics in his chapter titled, “The Strange World of Dr. Michael Aquino,” and Aquino’s belief that this type of psychological manipulation should be included within the arsenal of “Lesser Black Magic” techniques. Beginning on pg. 152, Mr. Raschke analyzes Aquino’s military paper just cited and writes:

“Is MindWar, therefore, just another expression for lesser black magic, which means the usually unconscious manipulation of people, perhaps even the American people, against their will, though in a very “ethical” sense of the word? According to Aquino the use of LBM by one group against another is not necessarily invidious. Diplomacy often requires subterfuge and coercion of leadership ‘behind the scenes.’ A serious LBM covert operation would go undetected both by the people involved and at the international level.”

I happen to believe that Michael and Lilith Aquino are evil and arrogant monsters which has caused others to be afraid of them, including myself, however they are not above the law. I believe that as a result of their lack of judgment, therefore intelligence, they will be responsible for one of the biggest exposes of the cover-up of satanic ritual abuse that has been publicized to date due to their alleged actions against me.

However, because I have filed this lawsuit I am very vulnerable and I am going to need protection. Due to that concern, I request that media outlets cover this story. On May 23, 2008, a dead Raven was strategically placed on my front porch on the floor mat. Placing dead animals on doorsteps is a common intimidation tactic used by satanic cults. The police were called and took pictures. At that time I explained that I might be a target due to this lawsuit that I filed and I named who the possible offenders might be.

There have been many attempts to expose Michael Aquino’s activities in several publications such as “The New Satanists,” (1994) by Linda Blood; “Tranceformation in America” (1995) by Cathy O’brien and Mark Phillips“; The Franklin Coverup, Child Abuse, Satanism, and Murder in Nebraska,” (1996) by ex-senator, John De Camp; and “Why Johnny Can’t Come Home,” (2000) by Noreen Gosch and I intend to lawfully do so as well. Michael Aquino has been accused of criminal conduct in all of these publications. In the latter three Aquino was accused of participation in mind control activities and/or attempts to split the minds of children in efforts to create dissociation using satanism as a trauma base while serving in the military. John de Camp writes:

“Professionals probing the child victims of ‘Monarch’ say there are clearly two responsible elements at work: the government/military, and cooperating Satanic (or more exactly pagan) cults. These are multi-generational groups, where parents donate their own children – who are proudly called ‘bloodline’ or simply ‘blood’ cultists – to be smashed with drugs and electric shock, and shaped. Other children are kidnapped and sold into this hell, or are brought in gradually through day-care situations.

Paul Bonacci and other child victims have given evidence in great depth on the central role of Lt. Col. Michael Aquino in this depravity. Aquino, alleged to have recently retired from an active military role, was long the leader of an Army psychological warfare section which drew on his ‘expertise’ and personal practices in brainwashing, Satanism, Nazism, homosexual pedophilia and murder.”

As previously stated, that is one of the reasons why I believe there has been a cover-up of satanic ritual abuse in the United States and elsewhere: It appears the government has been involved in this activity and began enlisting various organizations to issue reports denying that satanic ritual abuse existed. In the next few months I will provide a critique of these major reports and will demonstrate that fact.

In 2003 Michelle Devereaux wrote a letter to a colleague of mine while I was in the hospital. I advised her to cut off all contact with Devereaux but to first ask her for the names of the “dangerous” people who had been seeking my identity in 1999-2000. Devereaux responded and named names. It appears that Peter and Pamela Freyd of the FMSF, R. Christopher Barden, and reporter Mark Sauer who is now working at San Diego Magazine, had been involved in the “hunt” for my identity (along with the people he quoted) well before he wrote his September 2000 invasive and defamatory news article about me. This indicates that a conspiracy occurred. I was later irrevocably harmed. This correspondence (which I’ve submitted as exhibits in my Federal lawsuit) can be found on this web site. In addition, I have uploaded a copy of the CPS SRA protocol, a news article from the Cuernavaca Lookout which sourced my web page for information about Carol Hopkins (goes to her motive), and copies of the 1991-92 and 1992-93 San Diego Grand Juy reports. 

On May 23, 2008 I filed a Claim against the County of San Diego for multiple violations including because of Dr. Elizabeth Loftus’s interactions with that Department which were in clear efforts to harm me.

To give a brief overview of Napolis v. Aquino, et. al:

– In pages 1-52 I extensively document the cover-up of satanic ritual abuse in San Diego County due to then Grand Juror Carol Hopkins, the FMSF, and SDUT reporter Mark Sauer’s biased newspaper coverage.

– In pages 52-129 I describe what I discovered about what appeared to be North American Man Boy Love Association supporters on the newsgroups, and their attempts to drive their opposition off the internet; how I was censored and pursued on the internet during 1995-2000 because of the information I was discovering; I document the FMSF’s attempts to cover-up satanic ritual abuse and “false memory” malpractice lawsuits filed against therapists; I report about the government’s attempts to build “Manchurian Candidates” and Michael Aquino’s alleged involvement in that activity; the efforts of satanist [and alleged MPD/DID] “retractor” Michelle Devereaux to discover my identity and what I believe was a conspiracy between Devereaux, Peter and Pamela Freyd of the FMSF, Michael Aquino, Carol Hopkins, Christopher Barden, and Mark Sauer to invade my privacy, which I have documentation of.

– In pages 129 -163 I describe in detail patents, official definitions, news articles and reports warning about the existence of nonlethal technology and its potential misuse, especially for torture. I describe the torture and terrorization that I have experienced, and still experience, due to nonlethals.

– In pages 163-167 I describe how Hollywood figures became involved in my case, which was intended by my alleged perpetrators to discredit me, and the extreme measures I took to try to keep myself safe which resulted in my incarceration and the revocation of my MFT license.

– In pages 167-177 I allege that Dr. Elizabeth Loftus attempted to have me reincarcerated based on false allegations after I requested that the Institutional Review Board of UC Irvine investigate Loftus, for which I am demanding monetary damages and an explanation. Dr. Loftus claimed I had sent her material after which she felt “fear.” For the record, the forensic evidence – a fingerprint on the envelope – which was sent to the DOJ did not match mine. In addition, I took a lie detector about this issue which I passed. In these pages I also expose what I believe to be malfeasance by San Diego Probation which was perhaps due to one or more defendants interaction with that department.

– In pages 177 -184 I describe further defamation I discovered after I was allowed internet access for the first time in 5 years.

– In pages 184 – 190, I conclude this case with recommendations that mental health providers educate themselves about abusive nonlethal technology which simulates mental illness in order to aid in the differential diagnosis of their clients who might be victims. To complicate the matter further, because “hearing voices” is also one of the symptoms of Dissociative Identity Disorder, and the same perpetrators accused of the intentional infliction of multiplicity and mind control are now using nonlethal technology for illegal surveillance purposes, any MPD/DID client who complains of hearing “voices” who has been a victim of mind control should be carefully evaluated to assess whether their perpetrators are monitoring and/or assaulting them via nonlethals.

I close with recommendations that a watch-group be formed to monitor and investigate the illegal usage of nonlethal technology.  I suggest that placing the parties I have named under nonlethal surveillance would be the most effective way of determining the veracity of my complaints. I also suggest that, in my opinion, any malpractice claims which have been based on any misrepresentation made by Advisory Board members of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation about repressed memory, the supposed “non-existence of satanic cult abuse,” and/or the pivotal study “Characteristics and Sources of Allegations of Ritualistic Child Abuse,” be reviewed by attorneys for possible fraud, based on new information which has been brought to light. A brief explanation of what I discovered about this study follows.

This complaint is 190 pages in length which might make it difficult for it to be printed on a home computer. I suggest downloading the file and printing it at a copy shop. Another lawsuit pending about victimization by nonlethals can be found at the following web site: http://www.freedomfchs.com/id15.html

In December 2007 I returned to my work and reviewed the pivotal research study “Characteristics and Sources of Allegations of Ritualistic Child Abuse,” by UC Davis’ Dr. Gail Goodman, Dr. Phillip Shaver, and Bette Bottoms, which had been funded by the National Center on Child Abuse and Neglect in 1994. This research study has been used throughout the United States as purported evidence to prove that the “scientific community” found no evidence to support the belief that satanic ritual cult abuse of children was occurring in the United States except in very “rare” instances. However, it appears that there was substantial and persuasive evidence provided to the researchers which indicated that ritual abuse was occurring on a grand scale, despite what appears to have been repeated attempts made to minimize and disguise these findings.

In an article published in the New York Times titled, “Proof Lacking for Ritual Abuse by Satanists,” by Daniel Goleman, he quoted the researchers as stating the following:

“In a survey of more than 11,000 psychiatric and police workers throughout the country, conducted for the National Center on Child Abuse and Neglect, researchers found more than 12,000 accusations of group cult sexual abuse based on satanic ritual, but not one that investigators had been able to substantiate.”

This is a false representation of this study; the researchers did not receive anywhere near that high of a return rate – it was actually less than 2000 reports which were examined, which means there was an intentional and blatant attempt to misrepresent the findings of this study in this news article. It was discovered that this propaganda is posted on numerous web sites in efforts to prove that satanic crime does not occur.

On pg. 46 of this research study Dr. Goodman wrote “One respondent cited as evidence the ritual abuse behavior checklist – a dubious diagnostic checklist which includes many behaviors common to childhood (Gould, 1986)” Due to that statement, I have posted a copy of Dr. Catherine Gould’s checklist on this web site, and as the reader will see these are clearly abnormal behaviors of children that are being described and there is nothing  “dubious” about it.

Dr. Goodman concluded this study by stating: “Our research leads us to believe that there are many more children being abused in the name of God than in the name of Satan.” I found that an odd and inappropriate remark to make given the fact that Dr. Goodman received more reports of ritual abuse than she received about religion-based abuse. In order to make her case Dr Goodman used as her examples cases of child abuse or murder which were clearly committed by “Christians” who were mentally ill, not mainstream Christians, therefore I believe it was inappropriate to sugggest that these crimes were commited in the name of “God.” The belief systems of mainstream Christianity do not condone criminal or aberrant behavior but  the belief systems of Satanists most certainly do and the ritual abuse crimes she was reviewing in this study were in line with those satanic beliefs. Therefore, it is obvious that there is much more serious crime committed by satanists in the name of Satan. Further, cases of “Christian” medical neglect are not equivalent in severity to ritual abuse therefore I believe it was  inappropriate for these researchers to argue against the enactment of ritual abuse laws based on these arguments.

In March 2008, I sent my critique of this study to the Office of the President of the University of California school system for review based on the substantial number of irregularities I discovered, the most outstanding of which was the failure of the researchers to correctly analyze the legal findings of hundreds of Social service agencies throughout the United States – instead they completely omitted mention of Juvenile Court proceedings; the failure to design a valid perpetrator/victim scale which would measure intergenerational child abuse – instead the researchers claimed that their study invalidated intergenerational satanic abuse; and the failure to accurately classify cases as ritual abuse – when it was clear ritual abuse had occurred, all of which I believed was purposeful. I also sent a shorter version of this critique to Dr. Goodman to give her an opportunity to correct any misapprehension I might have had about her work but she did not respond. Because of the seriousness of my case and the issues that I face, I felt that I needed to place my concerns about this study in the public domain as soon as possible so that other people might pursue this if I am no longer able.

As further evidence which supports my opinion that the researchers were purposely distorting the facts, after the American Psychologial Association (APA) gave Dr. Goodman an award for Distinguished Professional Contributions to Applied Research in 2005, Dr. Goodman’s response was published in the American Psychologist, 2005 issue, in an article entitled “Wailing Babies in her Wake.” She stated in reference to this sudy:

“Our survey revealed that there was essentially no hard evidence of organized, child abusing, satanic cults that had infiltrated preschools or the FBI or that had kidnapped or slain babies. In contrast there was much indirect evidence of clinical induction of false memories and plentiful evidence of religion-related abuse, including sexual abuse by Catholic priests. Although much of my research indicates that children can have largely accurate memories and can resist strong suggestions, they can, in contrast (as indicated by the dramatic examples of ritual abuse claims) also tell wild tales, cave in to misleading questions, and make important errors. The same is true of some adults, of course. All of the books about personal cases of SRA were written by adults who seem to have believed their own stories.”

This extreme statement does not accurately recount what this study revealed and I have updated my critique to reflect these and other facts. The research study “Characteristics and Sources of Allegations of Ritualistic Child Abuse” can be ordered from http://www.childwelfare.gov/index.cfm

On June 18, 2008 San Diego Probation scheduled a “Modification of a Court Order Hearing” in attempts to have my internet privileges revoked based on the complaints of several “anonymous” individuals. However, the Judge ruled in my favor which means that all that my opponents accomplished was to ensure that a new infraction of my First Amendment Rights will be added to my lawsuit. 

I recently discovered that the San Diego Grand Jury Office posted an incorrect version of Carol Hopkins 1991-92 Report No. 8 which deleted important information. The incorrect version can be found at: http://www.co.san-diego.ca.us/cnty/cntydepts/safety/grand/reports/report8.html I have posted a correct version of this report which sourced the FMSF for information.

Out of curiosity, I checked the yahoo, google, and altavista search engines and discovered that if one types in my name “Diana Napolis” separately with the search terms “wellbutrin” “seroquel” “abilify” and “bupropion,” one will discover that these search engines have been spammed over 200 times with my name, associated with drugs, showing the following web site on most of the 200 pages. http://teva.happyhost.org/seroquel/aspirin-drug.html This was obviously done to prevent the public from accessing legitimate information about me or this case. The first amendment is not only in place to protect free speech but it protects the right to listen as well, and this latest maneurvering is a violation of that right.

It has long been known to me that the search engines have been compromised. Important URL’s are deleted and spam is routinely inserted in its place, which means that the internet is no longer a free source of information. Based on my interaction with the parties, I believe several satanists (including MD) are guilty of this activity, probably as well as other nefarious organizations. I suggest people take notice of this. 

I am establishing a legal defense fund and any assistance would be appreciated. Please send any contribution in my name to:

Diana Napolis

6977 Navajo Rd. PMB 114

San Diego, California


Email wordpress@cox.net

 (619) 873-5917

If there are any attempts to contact me via email, but you receive no response, please phone me so that I can document that fact.


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